Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment


Public Comments on the draft PHG for Perchlorate in drinking water

OEHHA accepted comments on the draft technical support document for the proposed Public Health Goal (PHG) for perchlorate in drinking water. Below is an index of comments received during the public comment period, which closed on February 23, 2011.

Danielle Blacet
Association of California Water Agencies
Sacramento, CA

Letter signed by representatives of several Agricultural Organizations

Laura Olah
Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger - Multiple submissions
Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger - Additional comment
Merrimac, WI

Andria Ventura
Clean Water Action
San Francisco, CA

C. L. Stathos
Department of Defense
San Diego, CA

Ron Hunsinger
East Bay Municipal Utility District
Oakland, CA

Nneka Leiba & Renee Sharp
Environmental Working Group
Oakland, CA

Michael Kelsh, Robert Scofield, James Lamb & Kenneth Bogen
Oakland, CA

David Chang
Golden State Water Company
Anaheim, CA

Gail Charnley
Health Risk Strategies
Washington, DC

Gina Solomon, Avinash Kar & Lenny Siegel
National Resources Defense Council
San Francisco, CA

Craig Johns (corrected comment posted 04/26/11)
Partnership for Sound Science in Environmental Policy
Sacramento, CA

Kevin Milligan
Public Utilities Department
Riverside, CA

Hal Houser
San Bernardino County Department of Land Use
San Bernardino, CA

Larry Cummings
Perchlorate Study Group & Intertox, Inc Seattle, WA
Perchlorate Study Group - Transmittal Letter
Perchlorate Study Group - Comments

Larry Cummings & Craig Johns
Perchlorate Study Group & Partnership for Sound Science in Environmental Policy - Peer review request letter

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