Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment


Comments on the Public Health Goal for Hexavalent Chromium

The public comment period for the August 2009 draft of the Public Health Goal for Hexavalent Chromium in Drinking Water has closed.  OEHHA received a number of comments, as listed below.  These can be downloaded by clicking on each name, which links to the actual comments.

In addition to public comments, two entities (the Association of California Water Agencies, and Latham & Watkins LLP on behalf of Honeywell International, Inc.) have requested an external scientific peer review of the draft PHG document.  OEHHA is currently working with these two organizations on agreements covering the peer review, as set forth in the California Health & Safety Code Section 116365(c)(3)(D).  Once the external scientific peer review is completed, OEHHA will revise the draft PHG document as appropriate in response to the peer review and public comments, and release the revised draft for a 30-day public comment period. 

Submitted comments:

Andrew DeGraca
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Burlingame, CA

Michael Rogge
California Manufactures and Technology Association

Sacramento, CA

Mark Johnson
Coachella Valley Water District

Coachella, CA

CL Stathos
Regional Environmental Coordinator, Region 9
Department of Defense

San Diego, CA

Gene Lucero
Latham and Watkins LLP

Los Angeles, CA

Robert Hollander
Western Coalition of Arid States

Washington, D.C.

Andria Ventura
Clean Water Action/Clean Water Fund

San Francisco, CA

Kristy Morrison
American Chemistry Council

Arlington, VA

Renee Sharp
Environmental Working Group

Oakland, CA

Christy Marani
Central Water District

Aptos, CA

Gary Buchanan
New Jersey Dept Environmental Protection

Trenton, New Jersey

Thomas LaHue
Soquel Creek Water District

Capitola, CA 

Silvio De Flora
University of Genoa

Genoa, Italy

Anthony Zampiello
Raymond Basin Management Board

Azusa, CA

J Eric Tynan
Castroville Community Services District

Castroville, CA

David Koch
City of Watsonville

Watsonville, CA

Danielle Blacet
Association of California Water Agencies

Sacramento, CA

Ronald Gastelum
Southern California Water Committee

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Letter signed by representatives of several environmental and advocacy organizations

Citizen’s Letters
We randomly selected one of the roughly 1200 copies of a form letter regarding the draft PHG.

Form Emails
We randomly selected one of the 757 form emails regarding the draft PHG document.

OEHHA also received 49 voicemails, which are not recorded and therefore not available for posting. 

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