Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment


Peer review of DPR’s toxicology data and risk assessments

OEHHA provides advice and recommendations to DPR concerning human health risks posed by pesticides that are under evaluation. OEHHA conducts independent reviews of pesticide toxicity data (H & S Code 59004), assesses the health impacts of pesticide use, prepares findings on the health effects of potential toxic air contaminants (F & A Code 14022-14023), and conducts peer reviews of risk assessments prepared by DPR (Birth Defect Prevention Act SB 950; F & A Code 13121-13135).

Other activities

Scientific Review Panel
The Air Resources Board (ARB), the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) and the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) prepare exposure and health assessment reports for the purpose of determining whether a substance or pesticide should be identified as a toxic air contaminant, or as guidelines to be used in preparing health risk assessments. The Scientific Review Panel (SRP/Panel) reviews these reports and underlying scientific data on which the reports are based. For more information, visit the ARB website:

Risk Assessment Prioritization
OEHHA also participates in DPR’s process for Human Health Risk Assessment Prioritization and Initiation For more info, visit the DPR website:  

Pesticide Registration and Evaluation Committee (PREC)
OEHHA is a member of DPR’s PREC, a committee constituted to fulfill an interagency consultation role charged to provide advice and guidance to DPR on regulatory development and reform initiatives, evolving public policy and program implementation issues, and on science issues associated with evaluating and reducing risks form the use of pesticides (Section 6252 CCR, Title 3 ).

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